Mandalas are a special form of drawing using a circle as a framework, which have been used in many cultures for sacred art, including: Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Hindu’s and Buddhists. The word Mandala means “sacred circle” and is derived from the word “mandra” which means “container of essence”. Mandalas begin from the inner circle and develop outwards, taking on there own shapes, patterns and colors depending on the intention or essence that is being evoked.

When creating these unique Mandalas I meditate upon an intention and the image takes on this essence, therefore when a person meditates upon the image they will receive some value from this intention. They can be enormously healing and powerful as they allow us to connect to a deeper part of ourselves and to the universe.

Place your mandala in a location where you will be able to see it while sitting in a comfortable position. Begin your meditation session by relaxing with a few slow deep breaths. Gaze at your mandala and allow yourself to be drawn in by it. Do not strain your eyes; allow them to relax into the image and feel the healing power.

The Mandalas in the gallery each have a name, which is the intention with which it was created. If one of them captures you and you wish to buy it please contact me via email or text and we can arrange payment and delivery. If there is something you wish to manifest specifically please contact me about commissions…I can create whatever you desire.

Yesterday I received your most beautiful gift. Sincerely it is the most precious gift I have ever received. It made me weep, not with sadness but with gratitude and happiness. Not only are the mandalas beautiful and precious, I feel them. I feel the love, compassion, thoughtfulness and all the blessings embodied in them. They are a treasure to me….They make me feel light and joyful. The thoughtfulness that went into this gift, and the love from the artist herself is so heartfelt. They are already hung in a place that I see every time I come in my door, or walk through the house.’ Ali.

My original paintings are mostly done on deep-edged box canvas using acrylic paint, 22ct gold leaf and liquid pearls. Mandalas are available by commission, please contact me to discuss your requirements by email