As a therapist I strive to enable people to open themselves to healing, to reconnect with their bodies, and find their true selves. I am ever aware of the mind-body connection and how often people can become dis-connected, stressed-out, too busy…this leads to pain, illness, disharmony and conflict. I have developed my massage techniques over many years and have a unique style. I tend to work slowly and precisely, using subtle pressure points and a nurturing touch. Though to some this can feel gentle on a physical level, many find they feel a depth on a different level and a response from their bodies as they learn to release and let go.

I have studied: body massage, indian head massage, thai massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage and reiki over the course of 20 years and have travelled the world experiencing massages as well as giving them to others.

Massage prices

I believe that the maximum benefit from any therapy comes from developing a relationship with your therapist and for that reason I am happy to offer a ‘Buy 5, get one free’ offer on any length of treatment, the full payment must be made at the first of the 6 appointments.

30 minutes £25
60 minutes £45
75 minutes £55
90 minutes £65