I have been a client of Amy’s for 2yrs and can highly recommend treatment with her. Each visit is a wonderful opportunity to de-stress, relax, have a wonderful massage, breath in aromatherapy oils and listen to gentle music. Bliss! She has also completely cured a painful back of many years.
I have been seeing Amy for a few years now and consider her to be nothing short of a miracle worker. I have recommended her to my nearest and dearest. I would shout about Amy from the roof tops but I would be worried I wouldn’t get an appointment (selfish I know!) Amy has a calmness that instantly sweeps across you before the treatment has even begun. This is a major plus for a busy bee like me. Amy has helped me with aches and pains that countless hours of physio and time at chiropractor couldn’t. Amy is incredibly intuitive and can often solve problems before you even realise they are there (I did say she is a miracle worker). In short Amy offers a fantastic service; she is reliable, professional, friendly and VERY good at what she does. I can’t recommend her enough.
Claire Douglas Green
Yesterday I received your most beautiful gift. Sincerely it is the most precious gift I have ever received. It made me weep, not with sadness but with gratitude and happiness. Not only are the mandalas beautiful and precious, I feel them. I feel the love, compassion, thoughtfulness and all the blessings embodied in them. They are a treasure to me….They make me feel light and joyful. The thoughtfulness that went into this gift, and the love from the artist herself is so heartfelt. They are already hung in a place that I see every time I come in my door, or walk through the house.
Do not be fooled by the Amy's delicate touch, her massage sessions are very restorative, therapeutic as well as total heavenly bliss. The impact on the body after the session is amazing and profound. This therapist has a unique ability and talent to find the point of disconnect in the body and put it right, without unnecessary intrusiveness.  Amy helped me in my postnatal recovery with back aches, but I still like to visit her now for a treat or a badly twisted neck. She treats her clients as delicately as holding a crystal vase, but also scientifically exploring the whole body for the lost connections and “stuck” muscles. If you in a need to treat your body and soul, an hour with Amy will take you to tranquil realm where you would want to stay. I also love her soundtracks and candle-lit atmosphere, which is so relaxing and cosy. Wondering about gift idea  - this is the best treat you would find in the area and far beyond.
I met Amy the first time whilst expecting my first baby. Amy’s treatment (massage) was so relaxing and uplifting that both the baby and I enjoyed it greatly. Amy is a welcoming and caring person who combines technique, passion, kindness, and humanity in everything she does. Amy’s philosophy (approach) is one that looks holistically at the client’s physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. These are some of the reasons that make Amy’s treatments unique in its kind. Four years on and with two young loving daughters, Amy keeps providing me a warm, peaceful, and relaxing place to recharge and look after myself.
I have been going to see Amy for nearly ten years, during which time I've recommended her services to countless family members and friends.  Her massages are fantastic value, are always excellent - certainly the best I've ever had - and take place in a pleasant, relaxing environment.   Amy is a warm, friendly and genuinely caring person, who takes a real interest in her clients.  It has always been a pleasure dealing with her.