Though I have practiced varying forms of yoga for over 20 years, it is only when I took my first class with Janet Evans in 2014 that my desire to teach began to grow. I have been attending classes as well as having private lessons for over two years with Janet and I am now undertaking The Art of Teaching Yoga with Sadhana Mala, in Somerset.

The tradition I teach from is based on the teachings of TKV Desikachar, the son and long-term student of TK Krishnamacharya it is often called Viniyoga, yet In 2002 TKV Desikachar requested that his students stop using the term “Viniyoga” to describe this approach because he felt people were turning it into a “style of yoga”. However the term is still in common usage to denote the teachings that have evolved out of those transmitted by TKV Desikachar and his father TK Krishnamacharya.

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The word viniyoga is a sanskrit term meaning ‘“intelligent application” – we are in a sense teaching the viniyoga of yoga. It is a style characterized by the teaching of traditional yoga in the form of asana, pranayama, sound, chanting, philosophy and meditation to suit the individual where they are now. In classes we use modifications to allow everyone to access the core features of the asana (or pranayama technique etc). Adaptations are also used to add interest, depth and focus to the practice. Much like Vinyasa or Ashtanga, it includes lots of warming up, and repetition of postures, but much simpler and slower, emphasizing the breath and allowing the mind, body and breath to allign. Once the body is warmed up, postures may be held for longer, similar to Iyengar or Hatha, this deepens the experience of the posture. It is yoga for everyone and teachers undertake lengthy and in-depth training, giving them the knowledge and skills to teach in a safe and effective manner to anybody who wishes to learn.

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"The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships." (TKV Desikachar)

Yoga classes are priced at £10 per person per class or 5 classes for £45 when you pay in advance. Try your first class for just £5!

Classes are for 60 minutes:
Thursday 4pm and 8pm
Saturday 2pm
Small group classes can be arranged at times to suit you if you have 3 or more people wishing to learn yoga together.

Please email me or send me a text message to make bookings and ask any questions.